The objective of this booklet is to provide today's engineer with useful technical information and as an aide-memoir when you need to refresh your memory. Conversions and formulas that are important and useful to the engineer, scientist and technician, independent of discipline, are covered in this useful booklet.

The guide covers:

  • Abbreviations for Physical Quantities
  • Units of Physical Quantities
  • System of Units
  • General Mathematical Formulae
  • Engineering Concepts and Formulae
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics

This handy booklet will be a valuable addition to anyone involved in the Electrical discipline. It covers key concepts, graphs and formulas related to Power Quality, Power Systems Protection and Substation Automation.

In this special report from the publishers of IEEE Spectrum and COMSOL,

see how electrical engineers are using multiphysics simulation for

product design and innovation.

Featured areas:

- Metamaterials

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Aceri are pleased to announce their scheduled webinars for AutoCAD Electrical 2010 software.

ERACS is an integrated suite of programs allowing loadflow, fault, harmonics, protection co- ordination, arc flash and transient stability studies to be carried out via the graphical user interface. The network single line diagram and data is entered only once. All calculation programs are operated and results viewed via the single line diagram, in addition graphical output is used where appropriate (e.g. protection, harmonics & systems stability).