Fundamental design considerations for CHP specification

White papers

Design philosophy

The relationship between thermal and electrical demand is key to the correct design and specification of a CHP system.

  • Operating strategy - Both commercial and mechanical operating strategy should be considered when designing a CHP system
  • Relationship with boilers & BMS - More than 90% of operational shutdowns or failures of CHP plant are caused by bad control strategy or errors in the surrounding systems.
  • Electrical Infrastructure and G59 - A CHP system is in effect a power supply connected to the national grid. There are many considerations before a CHP system can be commissioned.
  • Spatial requirements - Allocation of sufficient space is a common design oversight when specifying CHP.
  • Acoustic considerations - There are three areas of consideration for acoustics: breakout noise, ventilation noise and exhaust noise.
  • Incorrect ‘Dump Rad’ use.

To find out more about correct design of CHP systems download the White Paper from shentongroup.

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