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  • VX25 enclosure transition made easy

    Rittal is supporting control and switchgear engineering as it transitions to Industry 4.0 and adopts its new VX25 large enclosure system.The new VX25 conversion assistant for parts lists provides free data and an intelligent selector and configurator, simplifying the transition from the TS 8 enclosure system to the new VX25 large enclosure system.

    Control and switchgear manufacturers wanting to improve productivity, in line with Industry 4.0, need high-quality data to deliver the results they are looking for.

  • Bsria supports industry initiative in Australia for solution to performance gap

    Bsria is backing a four-month feasibility study to develop a prototype UK scheme which has the potential to deliver the energy performance specified in client briefs. The concept embraces the ‘design for performance’ approach pioneered in Australia, where very energy efficient new office buildings are routinely achieved and verified by investment-grade energy ratings, using its NABERS scheme.

  • Mild steel and stainless steel enclosures

    CE-TEK’s CE-ST range of mild steel enclosures is available in 48 sizes with plain doors from

    300mm H x 200mm W x 150mm D to 

    1200mm H x 1200mm W x 300mm D

    •Standard finish is in powder coat RAL7035 grey

    •The option to have a glazed door is offered in 18 of the sizes.

    •Mounting plate and gland plates are offered as standard and protection is to a rating of IP66 for single door models and IP55 for double door units

  • New cabinet with modular cabinet versatility

    EMOX from ETA Enclosures is a brand new Monobloc floor-standing enclosure cabinet range deisgned to accommodate compatible accessories with its modular cabinet range ENUX. Available with front door and rear cover as standard. EMOX can also be delivered with front and rear doors if required.

  • Enclosures as demanded

    The Fibox Arca range of glass reinforced polycarbonate, wall /pole mounted cabinets is now on the market and is already being specified by a number of Control Panel manufacturers and OEM companies who have identified the benefits of installing injection moulded products in areas where traditional sheet steel and GRP enclosures will corrode in time

  • Energy efficient ventilation of enclosures

    Rittal offers a more energy efficient means of ventilating enclosures by supplying electronically commutated (EC) versions of the successful TopTherm fan-and-filter unit, in all but the very smallest size.

  • 340 page enclosures catalogue available

    Enclosure specialist ETA Enclosures has published a new general enclosures catalogue which provides a valuable resource of product information along with a complete section on technical information.

  • CUBIC - Excellence in switchboard enclosures

    CUBIC is the globally recognized partner for enclosure solutions within all types of electrical switchboards. Our high quality solutions are used world-wide in all types of industry, and infrastructure.

    At the heart of the CUBIC ideal is the CUBIC Global Training programme, which is made available to all within the Panelbuilders’ organisation. Close to 1000 individuals have so far completed the programme. The Galaxy software package facilitates design, pricing, parts lists, ordering and temperature rise calculations. A specific training module deals with the verification of assemblies to the IEC61439-2 Standard to maintain our partners position at the forefront of switchboard quality requirements.

  • Thermal management for enclosures and panels

    Stego has launched three new exciting product lines to its ever expanding range, in thermal management for enclosures and panels.

  • Thermal management for enclosures and panels

    Stego has launched three new exciting product lines to their ever expanding range, in thermal management for enclosures and panels.

  • Industrial enclosures – to standardise or to customise that is the question

    A common belief is the standard products are the key to cost savings. The advantages include such aspects as short lead-times,

    quick basic technical support and after service or ease of sourcing additional components. These are main reasons why companies standardise products. Rainford Solutions, an established industrial enclosure manufacturer debates what really is the best product when choosing cabinets, racks or enclosure solutions.

  • Expansion of low voltage enclosures range

    The QuiXtra4000 is GE’s new range of enclosures for distribution boards rated up to 4000A. The QuiXtra4000 builds on the existing QuiXtra system which widely is used for low voltage distribution boards in commercial and industrial environments.

    Designed for ease of use, the QuiXtra4000 meets the needs of panel builders, installers and end users who require reliable and flexible systems. In addition to the QuiXtra range’s proven reliability, the new enclosures will offer users more design options and greater ease of maintenance.

  • Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures

    Where there is an emphasis on stringent hygiene requirements and ease of cleaning, Rittal’s Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures, with a protection category of IP69K, provide a key element in the design of open processes in the food industry and clean rooms.

  • New portable enclosures

    OKW has launched the all new Carrytec range of plastic enclosures for portable electronics equipment. These innovative enclosures have a modern contoured design and feature an integrated handle which is ergonomically designed for convenient carrying during operation.

  • Enhanced enclosures

    Legrand has enhanced its range of Plexo IP65 enclosures to make the products stronger, more weatherproof, more secure, and easier and quicker to install than ever before.

  • Die-cast aluminium enclosures

    A new range of die-cast aluminium enclosures complements the Eta Enclosures line up of quality enclosures and accessories and is available from stock now.

    Sealed to IP66 as standard and with IP67 available on request these enclosures provide a high level of protection for internal components and are ideally suited to meet the demands of controls placed in aggressive and hostile environments.

  • Opinion: enclosures - Panel hardware selection – an optimal balance

    By Terry Cantle, managing director, FDB Panel Fittings

    At FDB Panel Fittings we have many years of combined experience in supplying panel hardware, from which we have found the selection process for correct panel hardware is largely to do with the application. For example, there is little point in fitting low cost, light duty locks and hinges to enclosures destined for use in shipbuilding or mining. Of course they will work for a short time but not for very long. Conversely, it should not be assumed fitting expensive stainless steel fittings is the answer. As with most things, the optimum solution is based on more than one factor - and can make very important differences in cost and reliability - this is where FDB is able to provide independent advice and can often act in a project management role - finding an optimal application solution. Balancing weather-ability, corrosion resistance, strength/ruggedness and supply constraints, for example, by matching a stainless handle with a polyamide housing, as a compromise of performance/cost between polyamide at the low cost end and stainless at the high cost end.

    A good example is the latest ‘buzz' technology in enclosure hardware - compression locking, which was confined to a somewhat limited range of applications until it recently came out of patent protection, so now a much wider market is finding it beneficial. A number of manufacturers seem to have had their own parallel version of this technology under development for some years and have been able to quickly bring their expertise in design/manufacture to provision of a very greatly expanded range of compression latch variants.

    However the question ‘is a compression facility beneficial and where?' stands. The anti-vibration role of these locks is excellent in preventing opening of panels such as on trucks, railway rolling stock gen-sets, air-con and heating and ventilating systems.

    Similarly the ability to provide soft gasket compression is valuable on cabinets with EMC gasket to ensure a firm contact, or indeed on large door panels where the closure force needs to be distributed over substantial distances or adjusted to allow for manufacturing tolerances, also compression technology provides several millimeters of soft gasket compression and cam depth adjustment.

    The result then is that FDB customers are finding they are also now in a position to consider soft-close compression technology for ¼ turn locks, swing handles, T handles etc, where it may be that the different closure feel is important, or that the additional degree of anti-tamper performance conferred by the design is a valuable security factor.

    This is just one of many trends in cabinet hardware which tends to work over fairly long time frames. During recent years there have been many new developments in enclosure hardware and today there are products available for almost all industrial applications. Not just locks and hinges but a whole raft of complementary products including grab rails and handles, stays, door seals and numerous accessories.

    IPxx degree of sealing is, by now, a well recognised front line consideration and most engineers will be aware, for example, IP54 or IP55 - while potentially suitable for external use - is not weatherproof or waterproof. FDB has become adept at looking beyond this to the complete picture including: frequency of use, ease of operation, degree of corrosive environment, the cost/material balance, key possibilities, zonal security requirements, walk-by clothing entanglement, gloved hand usage, vibrational considerations, for example where vehicle mounted, wash down and pressure hose use, type of gasket used, door type and opening required, special industry standards, for example in railway, offshore, mining, machine tool guarding.

    A major long term trend is toward greater use of stainless steel hardware; consequently FDB Panel Fittings has a  range of stainless steel locks, hinges and handles suited to petrochemical plants, hospitals, food processing establishments, medical environments, outdoor installations, marine and offshore industries. The range includes piano hinges, integral recessed lock/handles, weld-on hinges, bolt-on hinges, grab handles, spanner locks, rod locks, concealed hinges, lever and T handles. Importantly for marine/offshore installation many are available in stainless grade 316 as well as the more common 303 and 304 with satin and electro polished finishes. Stainless steel fittings are suited to control cabinets, electrical equipment and instrument housings, especially where exposed to the elements or frequent wash down processes. These stainless products are of course designed to complement the standard range of die-cast and mid steel fittings and in many cases are interchangeable with them.

    In one large project recently FDB Panel Fittings was called in to supply locks for the new T45 warships. Like any very large single community the T45s face security issues for their personnel, in this case the requirement was for a zone based wing lock system to cover personal lockers, wardrobes and other storage areas. With typically over 2000 locks on each ship a project based master key system was specified for crew cabins and furniture or lockers in communal areas.

    FDB was able to carry out planning, supply, specialist project packaging, administration of coding/delivery and long-term backup support. Not only was it important to have a zoned security with key operated wing locks offering a very high number of ‘differs' - up to 5000 different combinations with master keys - it was also important the locks and keys were separately labelled for specific locations and delivered at a very early stage so they could be brought together later during final fit out.

    Another good example was the requirement for quarter-turn latches to suit 18000 galvanised steel water meter boxes for domestic installation in the Middle East. For security, a plastic clip-in, quarter-turn latch was specified by the customer - simple to fit and, bearing in mind the quantity, relatively low in cost.

    However, FDB felt the latch would be unsuitable for the service conditions that were likely to be encountered by the boxes. A small but extremely robust die-cast lock with steel cam was suggested for evaluation by the client.

    In order to stay within the budget constraints it was proposed the lock be supplied zinc-plated rather than with its usual chrome-plated finish. A further problem was the very short delivery period for the boxes themselves - a period of just 3 months for the fully equipped boxes with a fixed completion date and no possibility of slippage with container shipment pre-booked. FDB was able to deliver at the required rate of 1500 locks a week, but after four weeks increased this to 2000 thus allowing the contract to be met in 10 weeks.

    FDB has successfully tendered for the supply of panel hardware to many diverse and prestigious projects including: London's Millennium Wheel, the Channel Tunnel, a Russian oil pipeline, Hungarian buses, the Thames Barrier, a T45 Destroyer fleet and the London Underground flood defences.

  • Opinion Enclosures - Innovation – assuring the future of manufacturing in Europe

    Manufacturing has a vital role to play in solving the economic imbalances we face - whether financial, demographic, security or environmental," says Steve Gallon, UK managing director of electrical enclosure manufacturer, Fibox

  • Enclosures - The quest for sustainable products

    An urgent question facing many manufacturing companies is, ‘How do we provide clean, safe, environmentally-sustainable energy products for Britain, Europe and the world as a whole, during the twenty-first century? - Steve Gallon, UK MD of enclosure manufacturer Fibox, explains its approach

    With scientists predicting the world's population will continue to grow for several decades at least. It’s clear the demand for energy is likely to increase even faster, and the proportion supplied by electricity will also grow faster still. - However, this is where opinions depart as to whether the demand for electricity will continue to be served predominantly by extensive grid systems, or whether there will be a strong trend to locally distributed generation.

    Either way, it will not prevent the need for more power, especially in urbanised and industrialised areas, and much of that demand will be for a continuous, reliable supply of electricity.

  • CRN enclosures from HellermannTyton just keep getting better

    CRN enclosures from HellermannTyton just keep getting better

    HellermannTyton’s IP rating upgrade of the Himel CRN wall mounted steel enclosure is proving that this leading cable management specialist is ahead of the field by continually improving its products.

    The latest modifications to the range include improved integrity, improvements to the door and seal, a new locking system, as well as new profile reinforcements and additional accessories. The alterations to the steel enclosure have increased the IP rating from IP55 to IP66, therefore offering users a much improved structure that ensures the contents are fully protected against dust and wave like water jets from all directions.

    Darren Hodson, HellermannTyton Enclosure Product Manager explained: "To keep up with the ever changing demands of the industry we have developed improvements to our CRN enclosure range and believe that they are now as rigid and durable as possible. The new enclosures already have UL certification and are currently being approved by a number of other bodies."

    The new enclosure range has a strengthened body, and benefits from a new polyurethane seal, which drastically improves its rigidity, this along with a new profile and latch modifications, further reinforces the product.

    The improvements to the door profile and locking system are designed to ensure enhanced strength, with the newly located locking system moved 10mm closer to the edge of the door and reduced in length by 10mm, allowing for easier lock disassembly and extended resistance to bending. The modifications to the door reinforcement profile include welding outside of the gasket seal zone; this alters the profile therefore preventing any water from penetrating the seal, effectively acting as a double barrier. The changes also result in the door being more robust and allowing a greater workable surface area. These alterations provide added protection from vandalism and damage, ensuring the enclosure is more rigid and secure against forceful impact.

    During the transition period a star is being used on the packaging to identify the new IP66 enclosures, differentiating the existing packaging of the old IP55 rated enclosures.

    The CRN enclosure is also available with a transparent tempered glass door. On all models the door is reversible, opening 120 degrees in either direction. There is also a full range of accessories available.

    The new IP66 CRN wall mounted enclosure will be available early 2005 from all HellermannTyton Enclosure stockists. For further information contact HellermannTyton on 01922 458151 or visit www.hellermanntyton.co.uk.

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