Lighting for forensic centre

Product News

West Yorkshire Police’s new, state-of-the-art Scientific Support Centre has been equipped with a Delmatic Dali lighting management system. The system provides Dali control throughout the complex and combines Dali switching, dimming and monitoring of lighting with Dali testing and the monitoring of emergency lighting.

The Delmatic system controls lighting throughout the complex including the laboratories, open plan offices, training facilities, imaging studios, photography rooms, as well as within archive and document storage. The project was designed using Dali plug-in modules which provide all the dimming, energy-efficiency and monitoring benefits of Dali without the need to address ballasts on-site. This Dali plug-in approach simplified and speeded up project commissioning.

Energy-efficiency is achieved through the use of presence/absence detectors within the majority or areas with daylight-linked dimming in perimeter areas: external lighting is controlled by a combination of astronomical solar clock software and external photocell. Animated graphics display real-time status of lighting including lamp and ballast failure as well as the performance of emergency lighting and emergency battery packs.


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