Multi-way streamline solution

Product News

Schneider Electric has introduced Ulti Epic, a multimedia interface that combines multiple  outlets into a neat one-panel solution, allowing modern technology to interface with television, projectors and audio systems.

The Ulti Epic is a compact unit suitable for high-end design residential installations, in addition to commercial applications such as hotels and boardrooms. The streamline solution groups together outlets that naturally compliment each other so that equipment such as camcorders, DVD players, laptops and games consoles, including content from memory cards and memory sticks, can be run through a television. The outlets are installed on a media plate providing a neat alternative to individual sockets, while preventing damage to expensive equipment.

The Ulti Epic is a flexible product as it allows customers to configure the outlets on the panel to suit their individual requirements. With technology constantly evolving, it also offers an adaptable solution through its plug-and-play feature meaning that individual units can be quickly replaced; effortlessly upgrading the panel to accommodate new technologies and ensuring components will always work seamlessly together.

Andrew Pemberton from Schneider Electric said: "The Ulti Epic offers a multimedia interface that is suitable for both commercial and residential installations. Its high-end specification and finish help to achieve a consistent look throughout the building, as the system can be specified to match Schneider Electric's Ulti wireless lighting system and C-Bus home & building automation, providing the contractor with a complete solution they can recommend to add value to a project."

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