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A new scene management app allows lighting managers to control a building’s façade lighting from anywhere, at any time using a smartphone or tablet. Now users can make landmarks, buildings, bridges shine with a simple swipe on a mobile device.

Philips Lighting has developed this cloud-based app that enables businesses to change a building’s architectural lighting using a smartphone or tablet. The app, the company claims has been specially designed for use on smart devices and ‘further illustrates the company’s leadership in connected lighting and lighting for the Internet of Things’.

With a simple tap or swipe, the Interact Landmark Scene management app enables lighting managers to manage, control and change the lighting on bridges, buildings and monuments on the fly. Spectacular light shows can be remotely programmed to commemorate special events, holidays and important civic causes. For example, managers can now respond quickly to a request from the local mayor’s office to paint a bridge in pink light to support World Breast Cancer Awareness or other programmes.

“Architectural lighting is increasingly being used by businesses and cities to create an identity and engaging experiences. The need to be ‘on call’ and responsive to last minute requests outside of the office is a pain point for lighting managers. The app now provides them with the flexibility to change lighting scenes at any moment and anytime.  It also illustrates the power of Interact Landmark to support lighting managers, simplify the management of architectural lighting and help make cities smarter and more liveable,” suggested Jacques Letzelter, Global Business Leader Public Segment at Philips Lighting.

Using the new app, site managers can personalise their user account settings and securely access their architectural lighting system while on the go. They can change colours, trigger light shows and view schedules. As the app works via the cloud, authorised users no longer need to first log in via a VPN connection. The app is part of Interact Landmark suite of capabilities and will be available in June 2018.

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