REO has recently completed the development of an electric vehicle charging station. The objective was to develop and build a functional charging station for electric vehicles – and especially for the company’s internal logistics fleet. The charging unit is housed in a carport to allow users to work safely and comfortably

Asset management of ageing switchgear equipment continues to be a thorny issue for both utility companies and industry. For utilities, with Ofgem’s updated ‘RIIO-ED1’ price control regime due in 2015, transmission and distribution network operators are renewing their focus on this question. Siemens’ Russ Elliott, product manager, and Iain Monk, head of sales, revisit the different options available to users seeking to extend the operational life of their equipment

Ever since the introduction of the bimetal thermal element motor protection relay the nature of the protective behaviour has altered very little. Today it is still very much at the forefront of present protection methods. The only significant development that has taken place is the technology utilisation of modern microprocessor technology. This has allowed the integration of features such as control and communications alongside the relays protective functions. Yet the same bimetallic heating function of the thermal overload device remains unchanged; today modelled effortlessly as a software algorithm. Philip York, general manager, P&B Protection Relays, explains

For panel builders, having the right test equipment conveniently to hand can save a lot of time, money and frustration. But what is the right test equipment? As Simon Wood of Megger explains, a good multimeter is an excellent starting point, but it shouldn’t be seen as the complete solution to panel builders’ testing requirements – there are many other options worth considering

State-of-the-art wireless systems used in building automation offer flexibility and enhanced home comfort. Increasingly, they are becoming a permanent feature in modern residential houses, where they make an important contribution to improving energy efficiency. As building services, home appliances and smart applications become increasingly interconnected, wireless technology is playing a greater role in smart homes. In addition, enhanced data security opens the door to advanced applications such as smart metering and access control. Armin Anders, vice president business development and co-founder of EnOcean explains

Energy storage has been considered a natural partner for renewable energy supplies and, with advances in storage technology, there is a clear opportunity for storage to accelerate adoption of renewables.  All it needs now is government to remove financial obstacles. Andrew Jones, S&C’s managing director for EMEA region, explains

There is no doubt renewables have been on the march in recent years.  A report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development found that global investment in renewable energy increased by 17% in 2011 to an all-time high of $257 billion.  The report indicated that wind-power-generating capacity increased by a record 40.8GW.

For data centre and ICT installation operators, the economic, legislative and social impact of an excessive carbon footprint cannot be ignored. Although this impact is large, and expected to grow, mitigating steps can be taken by choosing the best available UPS technology and deploying it correctly

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment in substations, regular testing and maintenance carried out by professionals is essential. Power transformers are, however, critical assets that cannot always be made readily available for condition assessment, so it’s essential to make the most of opportunities for testing when these do present themselves.

Without bushings, key elements of the electric supply system, such as power transformers and circuit breakers, would not operate effectively or efficiently. A bushing is simply a device that allows a conductor to pass through a barrier: it has an insulating medium, which must be sustained to prevent the passage of excess current to ground. Bushings are a bit like the tires on your car: they enable the car to do what it is supposed to do, but are not the reason why you buy the car - they are enablers, and when they fail the results can be catastrophic. Ton McGrail, Doble Engineering Company, explains

One of the world’s leading suppliers of test facilities for the manufacturers of power turbines and transformers is using digital power analysers from Yokogawa because their accuracy offers major potential cost savings for end-users

Kelly Butler (pictured), Beama’s marketing director, explains the Beama vision for renewable heat zones (RHZs)

Beama warmly welcomed DECC’s recent launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) package. But, the announcement is not the total solution to market growth. We are now calling on DECC and industry peers to support Beama's Renewable Heat Zone (RHZ) vision bringing together a broad range of supply chain partners, and lead authorities, to deliver regional five year growth plans.

Light-emitting diodes have been around for years.  But within the past decade LED’s have gone from being simple indicators on electrical devices, to brilliant white light sources capable of illuminating colossal spaces. Marie Parry of the Scolmore Group looks at the latest developments within LED lighting