Software companies are always telling you how they will save you time and money ….. while this is true, the chance to increase business is also too good to miss says Nick Harper, sales director at Amtech Group

November was wet and windy for many across the UK, leading to soaked streets, flooding and the risk of a terrible side effect: power outages. Once again, it is important to highlight the need for proper protection against water ingress into substations. Gavin Cornall, power and construction manager with cable seal manufacturer Roxtec, examines the issues and explains the importance of choosing reliable seals

Michael Lippert, of Saft Energy Storage Systems, explains how the SmartRegion Pellworm project will enable an island off the North Sea coast of Germany to increase self-consumption of its own renewable energy

Front panels are important components of a case, system or subrack because they contribute significantly to the first impression it makes to the end user of the equipment. With a variety of cutouts for different connectors, LEDs, handles and switches, plus overprinting, Pentair offers options for individual design and manufacture, including colour gradients and artistic designs, through the Schroff front panel program. Martin Traut, product manager for subracks and cases at Pentair - Schroff GmbH,  and David Martin, managing director, Pentair – Schroff UK, explain

Ray Howarth, long term engineer at the Runcorn plant explains the ongoing success and  improved levels of safety with the introduction of the company’s Arc Flash Mitigation Programme

Britain is currently experiencing a drought of engineers, and companies are crying out for science graduates and young people with STEM skills to redress the balance. Less than two months ago, the Telegraph reported that one in five young people in the UK ‘must become an engineer’ to balance out the current skills shortage – which means that more school leavers need to continue their science or maths studies to university

Voltage optimisation has been delivering energy savings and cutting carbon emissions for a decade now. It is a proven and reliable technology, and one of only three technologies applicable for a new batch of carbon reduction funding, having been selected due to it’s ability to produce high levels of energy consumption savings over a range of sites. Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSC (UK) outlines the  technology available

Since Amendment 1 to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, many specifiers and installers are still uncertain when it comes to conducting a risk assessment for surge protection. Here, Steve Dyson, marketing manager at Hager, takes a look at why you might need surge protection and how to specify and install a complete system

Ageing infrastructure is a major problem for almost every power utility in the developed world, and it’s a problem that becomes particularly acute when the original manufacturer gives notice that support will soon be withdrawn for an asset that has long been obsolete but nevertheless continues to fulfil a critical role. Hans Picard of power management company Eaton and Dirk Boender of Stedin, a major Dutch utility, explain how their companies have worked together to successfully address just such a problem

Kelly Butler, Beama’s marketing director, explains why knowledge and keeping the industry informed, reinforced with education and training initiatives, are essential for those in the supply chain

Industry 4.0 is a new concept which has been gaining significant momentum in Germany and also across Europe. Gambica’s deputy director and convener of the organisation’s variable speed drives group, Steve Brambley, explains how it applies to the automation industry

One of the biggest trends in today’s industries is the move towards fully automated systems. The introduction of ethernet into the industrial environment has been one of the biggest enablers to this, but with organisations under increased pressure to make operational and cost savings, there is demand to increase efficiency and reliability of the communications and cabling systems. Justin Leonard, director at igus, reviews how some of the latest cabling technologies are being used to speed up installation and increase reliability