Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director of High Technology Lighting, illuminates new LED technologies and gives advice on how to select the correct equipment and use this to generate substantial energy savings

Lighting currently accounts for one fifth of global electricity usage and produces 1.9 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. The International Energy Agency estimates a full switch to the latest energy-efficient LED lighting combined with smart control and management systems could provide savings of up to 80%.

Joel Brunarie, telecom business development manager at Saft’s Industrial Battery Group, explains how continuously increasing fuel costs are driving telecom operators that use diesel-powered generators in off-grid locations to adopt innovative, fuel-efficient hybrid solutions that partner the genset with advanced energy storage technology

Critical equipment and applications that need to run continuously can’t rely solely on mains supply; additional energy solutions in the form of battery backup are also required. The high energy density of Lithium-Ion battery technology is an ideal solution for applications where energy reliability, flexibility and safety are paramount. Here, Neil Oliver, technical marketing manager at Accutronics explains how these energy solutions can be the future of applications in sectors such as medical and healthcare, defence, security, industrial and backup electronics

In recent years, our energy needs have achieved a level of critical mass that has brought the issue of power consumption to the forefront of public debate. Recognising the need to address accelerating population growth, the industrialisation of emerging economies, and the alarming scarcity of fossil fuels, both governments and utilities have initiated a second wave of infrastructure investment with the adoption of smart grids. Brad Williams, vice president for industry strategy at Oracle Utilities, explains.

Jean Fehlbaum, Nexans vice president of marketing responsible for railway infrastructure projects, outlines two different technical solutions developed to discourage copper theft and to help track down cable thieves and those who deal in stolen metals.

Generator sets must be capable of reliably delivering the necessary power required for an anticipated, yet potentially unknown, number of run hours per year explains Ray Marfell, market consultant of the Electric Power Division of Caterpillar.

MVHR systems are becoming increasingly necessary as we near the zero carbon goals for dwellings by 2016, Mike Farrer,  technical director of Stadium Power highlights the need for the highest possible efficiency MVHR power sources to perform over a wide operating window.

Mike Frain, electrical consultant, Electrical Safety UK and Elaina Harvey, DuPont Nomex account manager discuss arc flash prevention and protection.

Iain Macdonald, chief executive of NET, discusses the importance of independent assessments for apprenticeships

While organisations rely increasingly on the continuous availability of their ICT resource, uncertainty over the future of the UK electricity supply, essential to that resource, is growing. Although UPSs provide protection against most power disturbances and failures, generator backup is essential for handling power problems of prolonged duration. In this article Kenny Green, Technical Support Manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a Kohler Company, looks at the supply security threat and how standby generators can work with UPSs to mitigate it.

Efficiency is a constant topic throughout all of the industry media. Usually it is associated only with energy but the term efficiency means much more in view of increasing problems with the global climate and the environment. Efficiency can be interpreted in many different ways and could stand for profitability. Philip Glenister of Rittal explains.

Racktivity, an innovator in next-generation power, energy and environmental management solutions, has helped Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS), an international communication service provider to increase visibility over power and environmental factors underpinning its critical global network.

FG Wilson, the leading global manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets, has successfully completed another project after helping to deliver a high voltage power solution for one of the UK’s leading publishing companies.