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  • ADMO 5.10 with InSight 2.10 available from Omicron

    ADMO with InSight is Omicron’s all-in-one, systematic and integrated solution that helps users keep track of, organise and get insights from all their IED pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintenance activities.

  • Raising the bar

    Mark Rushton, UK marketing manager at Harting Ltd, explains how RFDI technology is helping the company’s European Distribution Centre set new standards in logistics.

  • REHAU smart controls meet underfloor heating demand

    An overhaul in smart control technology is required if developers and installers are to meet increasing demand for efficient and adaptable building heating systems, REHAU has said.

  • Intelligence report

    Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, discusses what the term “smart building” might mean from various viewpoints and explains why data is the key to a truly effective intelligent building. 

  • SMETS2 meters account for 90% of smart meter installations

    Last year there were around half a million SMETS2 smart meters installed and almost 12 million SMETS1 meters deployed. A year on, SMETS2 installs have ramped up, according to Cornwall Insight.

  • Building better

    A transformational decade lies ahead for building and construction. Gail Cook, global head of marcoms, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, predicts the trends that will shake up the industry.

  • Heating up history

    Koen Verleyen, marketing manager at nVent, explores the rise of heat tracing cable technology.

  • Cornwall Insight to partner on project Rewire-NW 

    Cornwall Insight has announced its partnership in the Prospering from the Energy Revolution project Rewire-NW, a two-year project that will design a smart local energy system for the Warrington area.

  • Priva calls attention to importance of future-proofing historic buildings

    The National Trust’s 125th Anniversary celebration is an opportunity for heritage professionals to give more thought to the protection of historic buildings through control-based technologies, building controls manufacturer Priva has said.

  • Schneider Electric extends connected product range

    Schneider Electric has extended its connected product ranges to help contractors comply with the 18th Edition and RCD protection guidelines.

  • Old grid, new tricks

    With today’s unprecedented demand for energy, needless to say our current grid isn’t coping all that well. With our appetite for power only set to grow, Luke Osborne, energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor, ECA, explores what it would take to build a smart grid for our times.

  • Fighting fire risks with data and insights

    Nadège Petit, executive vice president, global power products at Schneider Electric, explains how the effective use of IoT and dynamic systems architecture can help lower the risk of electrical fires.

  • Stiebel Eltron launches new range of storage heaters 

    Heating product manufacturer Stiebel Eltron has launched its SHF and SHS range of high-heat retention storage heaters to the UK market.

  • Nanolink offers new system for equipment management

    Now available in the UK, the Nanolink system offers a new solution to the age old problem of tool and equipment management.

  • A learning curve

    Electrotechnical has always been a fast-evolving sector, with home automation and smart technology coming onto the scene in recent years. With regulations frequently updated, Nick Pollard, product manager at JTL discusses how individuals, employers and the industry as a whole can stay ahead of the curve through continuing professional development (CPD).

  • Challenges of a smarter future

    We’re all familiar with smart phones, smart homes, hell we even have smart kettles, but when it comes to control, what happens when we get ‘smart’ on an industrial level? As the buzz surrounding the smart factory continues to snowball, what exactly is it that makes them so dang clever? Gavin Stoppel, product manager, digital solutions at Harting Ltd tells us more.

  • Kiss from a rose

    It all started with one man and an idea. An idea so simple (and brilliant) that it was assumed it had already been done. But, after much hard-work and perseverance, the world’s first BS67 smart ceiling rose was born. Having already received many accolades, as well as scooping ’Lighting Product of the Year’ at our very own ER Excellence Awards this May, here we tell the story of Adaptarose’s Moni Razzaque as we explore how he turned the ordinary into the innovative.

  • The smart revolution is happening – Are you ready?

    Smart technology makes people’s lives easier; it ensures businesses work more efficiently; and it helps combat climate change. Now’s the time for contractors to get smart about smart homes (and commercial spaces) and the vast opportunities the connected living market brings, says CEF.

  • The dos and don'ts of data science for smart power networks

    TNEI shares with us some “dos and don’ts” for those working in the power sector, to bear in mind while getting to grips with conducting good data science – either yourself or when commissioning others.

  • What exactly is a smart building?

    Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, explains why the term “smart building” may greatly vary in meaning – depending on who you ask.

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