Smart Tech

  • Kiss from a rose

    It all started with one man and an idea. An idea so simple (and brilliant) that it was assumed it had already been done. But, after much hard-work and perseverance, the world’s first BS67 smart ceiling rose was born. Having already received many accolades, as well as scooping ’Lighting Product of the Year’ at our very own ER Excellence Awards this May, here we tell the story of Adaptarose’s Moni Razzaque as we explore how he turned the ordinary into the innovative.

  • The smart revolution is happening – Are you ready?

    Smart technology makes people’s lives easier; it ensures businesses work more efficiently; and it helps combat climate change. Now’s the time for contractors to get smart about smart homes (and commercial spaces) and the vast opportunities the connected living market brings, says CEF.

  • The dos and don'ts of data science for smart power networks

    TNEI shares with us some “dos and don’ts” for those working in the power sector, to bear in mind while getting to grips with conducting good data science – either yourself or when commissioning others.

  • What exactly is a smart building?

    Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, explains why the term “smart building” may greatly vary in meaning – depending on who you ask.

  • Is your desk in an old banger of a building?

    Do you work in a building whose technology is comparable to an old banger? Terry Sharp, vice-president of the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA), believes we should demand more from our places of work in the same way that we expect certain features as standard on a modern car. 

  • The future is ‘smart’ 

    Garrett Walsh, P.E., control and monitoring product manager at nVent, assesses the benefits of smart technology in electric heat-tracing systems. 

  • Home improvements the smart way

    UK online electrical wholesaler TradeSparky, highlights some key areas of a customer’s household where smart technology could be recommended. Happy home, happy client.

  • Many electrical professionals not comfortable with smart tech, says poll

    A poll carried out by online wholesaler ElectricalDirect has found that despite the growing popularity of smart home products, many tradespeople are unprepared for the increasing customer demand.