• The wealth of nations?

    Having a bit of a tidy up, I chanced upon a study issued in 2013 by the Adam Smith Institute, a long established ‘free market’ lobby group much cited by right wing MPs. The publication is titled Policy Study 403: Limits of Windpower

  • The hybrid approach

    The basic configuration of electrical power systems for industrial and commercial applications has altered little for decades. But now a disruptive new technology – hybridisation – is about to bring big changes. And there will be significant benefits for those who adopt it, says Steve Moore of Danfoss Drives.

  • Green, with envy?

    The most depressing report in years arrives from comparethemarket.com. It reveals that the 14% of households now overtly trying to 'go green’ with their energy supply are being seriously let down by misleading tariffs.

  • Prism Power becomes Schneider Electric’s critical power partner

    Schneider Electric has announced its partnership with Prism Power.

  • Army buildings benefit from electrical lifecycle project

    A major lifecycle project co-ordinated by Aspire Defence Services Limited is delivering improvements to the electrical network of over 40 Army buildings at Warminster garrison in Wiltshire.

  • MAN Energy Solutions fuels Gibraltar power plant

    MAN Energy Solutions has successfully commissioned three 14V51/60 gas and another three dual-fuel engines in the newly constructed power plant in Gibraltar.

  • Shifting the demand

    Paul Sheffield, chief operating officer at Haven Power, looks at how to take back control of your energy costs.

  • Local authorities concerned about energy prices, says report

    A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has highlighted Local Authorities' (LAs) growing concerns surrounding energy prices.

  • Case study: In perfect harmony

    When transformers on a prestigious diamond mining vessel started experiencing the classic symptoms of harmonic noise related problems, CP Automation was on-hand to help.

  • Tapchangers: The Fundamentals

    Dr Jonathan Hiscock, managing director of Fundamentals Ltd gives us an insight into why tapchangers are so important in the power grid, how their performance can be enhanced, their reliability extended and what to expect if they’re not properly maintained. 

  • UP(SOS)

    Alex Emms, operations director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. explains the untapped potential of your UPS system, during mains presence, as well as in blackouts, and outlines the importance of selecting on-line systems.

  • Trends in power quality for 2019

    Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, gives us his insight into the trends in power quality for 2019.

  • Up and up

    News this week has revealed energy regulator Ofgem has adjusted its safeguard tariff, controlling the maximum price of each unit of energy.

    In one of its twice yearly adjustments, the regulator says the increase is justified, with£47 a year due to higher wholesale energy costs on a variable tariff with safeguard tariff rising to £1,136 in October for pre-paid fuel.