• Kallista Energy chooses Greenbyte to future-proof wind farm monitoring

    Independent power producer (IPP) Kallista Energy has chosen Greenbyte’s data platform to future-proof its wind farm monitoring capacity.

  • Face-to-face energy sales on the rise, says Cornwall Insight

    According to energy market expert Cornwall Insight, domestic energy switches made in a direct manner – either face-to-face or telesales – are increasing, following a decline after new regulations to control direct energy sales were implemented by Ofgem in 2009.

  • Electricity North West awards £400m in maintenance contracts

    Electricity North West has completed its largest ever tender process for construction activities on the underground power network.

  • Preparing for tomorrow, today

    Richard Molloy, manager, UK Energy Storage, Eaton, explains why flexibility is key to the energy transition.

  • Secondary power supplies for emergency lifts

    To ensure compliance with safety regulations, a secondary source of power is required to feed all emergency evacuation lifts. UPS systems can offer many advantages, yet in the past they have been overlooked, says Power Control Ltd.

  • SUNRISE Project on target to develop next gen battery materials

    Nexeon has reached the halfway stage in its £10 million SUNRISE project to develop silicon materials for next generation Li-ion batteries.

  • Electricity North West reveals energy consumption plans

    Electricity North West, which operates the power network throughout the region, has revealed that it expects peak electricity demand in the North West to increase by up to 50% in the next 20 years, as the region transitions to a low carbon future and moves away from its reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Cornwall Insight comments on negative wholesale prices

    On 9 December, the UK experienced a negative day-ahead trading price for the first time, with prices for 03:00 AM to 04:00 AM UTC delivery on the hourly day-ahead auction dropping to -£2.84/MWh. James Brabben, wholesale manager at Cornwall Insight, looks at what this means for the energy industry.

  • Electricity North West switches to renewable electricity

    Depots and offices owned by Electricity North West are now being powered by renewable energy generated from Walney Wind Farm off the coast of Cumbria, as part of the North West's move to become carbon neutral.

  • ABB & Equinor sign frame agreement for oil & gas operations

    ABB has signed a new frame agreement to deliver safety and automation systems across Equinor’s installed base and greenfield projects worldwide.

  • Old grid, new tricks

    With today’s unprecedented demand for energy, needless to say our current grid isn’t coping all that well. With our appetite for power only set to grow, Luke Osborne, energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor, ECA, explores what it would take to build a smart grid for our times.

  • Optima Energy issues Targeted Charging Review warning

    Energy management software provider Optima Energy Systems has predicted that business energy users could be left unprepared for changes implemented under Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review.

  • Into the unknown

    Peter Harrop, chairman at IDTechEx explores the unknowns and uncertainties surrounding lithium-ion batteries.

  • Impact on energy

    With Brexit (possibly) on the horizon, it would be a fool’s game to think an exit from the EU won’t affect our energy sector. Dr. Craig Lowery, senior consultant at Cornwall Insight, highlights some of the potential outcomes should the UK’s initial decision to leave the European Union go ahead. 

  • Winter weighting adopted by some energy suppliers

    According to Cornwall Insight, some energy suppliers are adopting winter weighting to reduce debit balances.

  • A sinking feeling?

    There has been recent speculation as to whether the engineered heat sink has had its day. Nic Smith, head of sales and marketing at PSL Assemblies Ltd, takes a closer look into the future of the technology and explores whether there is any weight behind these claims. 

  • Loathsome is as loathsome does

    Andrea Leadsom is the new(ish) Business Secretary. Which means that, amongst other things, she oversees energy policy in the UK under Al “Boris” Johnson.

  • Hashtag no filter

    Dave Armitage of Schaffner Group discusses the critical role EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering has to play in electrical energy facilities.

  • Who’s got the power?

    That would be Omicron, who happen to be the proud sponsors for our Power category for 2020. Here, Omicron gives us a bit of background on who they are, what they’re currently up to and most importantly, why they’ve chosen to be a part of the ER Excellence Awards.

  • Haven Power to supply renewable energy to Ford UK

    Haven Power will supply Ford Motor Company UK’s three manufacturing locations with around 250GWh of renewable electricity per year. 

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