• Into the unknown

    Peter Harrop, chairman at IDTechEx explores the unknowns and uncertainties surrounding lithium-ion batteries.

  • Impact on energy

    With Brexit (possibly) on the horizon, it would be a fool’s game to think an exit from the EU won’t affect our energy sector. Dr. Craig Lowery, senior consultant at Cornwall Insight, highlights some of the potential outcomes should the UK’s initial decision to leave the European Union go ahead. 

  • Winter weighting adopted by some energy suppliers

    According to Cornwall Insight, some energy suppliers are adopting winter weighting to reduce debit balances.

  • A sinking feeling?

    There has been recent speculation as to whether the engineered heat sink has had its day. Nic Smith, head of sales and marketing at PSL Assemblies Ltd, takes a closer look into the future of the technology and explores whether there is any weight behind these claims. 

  • Loathsome is as loathsome does

    Andrea Leadsom is the new(ish) Business Secretary. Which means that, amongst other things, she oversees energy policy in the UK under Al “Boris” Johnson.

  • Hashtag no filter

    Dave Armitage of Schaffner Group discusses the critical role EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering has to play in electrical energy facilities.

  • Who’s got the power?

    That would be Omicron, who happen to be the proud sponsors for our Power category for 2020. Here, Omicron gives us a bit of background on who they are, what they’re currently up to and most importantly, why they’ve chosen to be a part of the ER Excellence Awards.

  • Haven Power to supply renewable energy to Ford UK

    Haven Power will supply Ford Motor Company UK’s three manufacturing locations with around 250GWh of renewable electricity per year. 

  • View from the top

    ER interviewed Mike Elms, managing director at Centiel UK, sponsors of the Data Centre Design and Build Product of the Year award, to find out his unique insight into the UPS marketplace and why the company chose to sponsor this particular category.

  • The perfect partner

    For the third consecutive year, the ER Excellence Awards 2020 is proud to be partnered with Riello UPS. A company that never stops, we find out a bit about what Riello has been up to of late, gleaning an insight into some of its latest projects, as well as finding out why this industry leader has gone for the partnership hattrick. 

  • FITNESS project sets roadmap for digital substations

    With innovation being essential to the future of the energy industry, Priyanka Mohapatra, RIIO-T2 innovation lead for SP Energy Networks, tells Electrical Review about progress on the RIIO-funded Future Intelligent Network Substation (FITNESS) project.

  • Time to fess up

    With a potential energy theft amnesty from Ofgem currently on the horizon, Lloyd Birkhead, group managing director at Grosvenor Services Group, part of Echo Managed Services, questions whether it’s really the lightbulb moment they think it is.

  • “Market ready technology” – in 15 years’ time

    The government gave a boost to the nuclear sector this summer when it revealed plans to invest up to £18m in the creation of the “mini nuclear power stations.” These would be the first such entities in the world. 

  • Renewable resistors

    In recent years, renewable energy options have become much more efficient and feasible, which has led to a large adoption of these applications. However, just like all other power generation methods, these applications require resistors. Cressall's Simone Bruckner explains the challenges in designing resistors for renewable applications.

  • What could cause a Britain-wide blackout?

    In June, virtually all of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay were left without electricity following a massive power failure. Could something similar happen in the UK? Leo Craig of Riello UPS outlines the biggest threats to our power supplies and unveils a new report that investigates the consequences of a nationwide blackout.

  • It pays to invest 

    Chris Pearson, managing director at Vickers, explains why it makes sense for commercial and industrial businesses to invest in an energy management system.

  •  (Always) Open for business

    With today’s demand for ‘always on’ digital services, how can operators ensure customers aren’t left disappointed? Marc Garner, vice president, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, examines the methods deemed essential for dodging that dreaded downtime, as well as ways to increase energy efficiency and security.

  • Blackout: How energy storage averted a UK-wide disaster

    On August 9, 2019, just five minutes before millions of commuters were set to head home for the weekend, disaster struck the UK’s power infrastructure. Jordan O’Brien, contributing editor, looks at the lessons we can learn from the recent UK-wide power outage and the role energy storage can play in keeping the grid online. 

  • The critical condition of hospital power

    Andrew Keith, product development director at power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, explains why load bank testing for hospital generators is a crucial industry requirement.

  • MAN Energy Solutions inaugurates dual-fuel power plant

    The ‘Maria Gleta’ power plant near the city of Cotonou, Benin, has been inaugurated by Dona Jean-Claude Houssou, the Minister for Energy of Benin, as well as representatives of MAN Energy Solutions and BWSC. 

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