Energy & Sustainability

  • Carbon Trust & Imperial College lead new cross sector consortium project 

    The launch of a new project that will investigate the role of a flexible energy system in achieving a net zero economy has been announced by a new cross sector consortium, led by the Carbon Trust and supported by Imperial College.

  • Motorise your energy savings

    It’s almost impossible to think of a business that doesn’t use electric motors. In industry, they power the manufacturing processes, and in virtually every commercial building they drive the systems that provide a comfortable working environment. Motors also use a lot of energy. According to the Carbon Trust, a 2.2 kW motor typically costs around £2,300 a year to run. This makes energy efficiency of motors a key concern for every business owner and manager, says Julian Grant of Chauvin Arnoux.

  • How can utilities support the adoption of electric transport? 

    David Hall, VP Power Systems UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric takes a look at the role utilities have to play in supporting the switch to electric transport.

  • Engineers’ concerns ignored putting energy infrastructure at risk

    New research has revealed that only 44% of recommendations to improve the safety and performance of critical energy infrastructure are fully implemented.