According to a recent report by Engineering UK, to close the ever-increasing skills gap in the engineering sector, capturing the minds of the next generation must be a key focus for the industry moving forward. Here, as we mark International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June 2018, Andrew Keith, engineering director at power resistor manufacturer, Cressall, looks at what can be done to tackle the engineering skills gap

Over the last several years, the move to the cloud has stabilized as the applications that could be easily and cost effectively outsourced, were moved to the cloud. The applications left on premise are simply too integrated into local operations or too expensive to move. This forced a change to the way data center staffs manage their assets with some assets outsourced and others still on-premise/at “the edge”.

When specifying heating in domestic properties, underfloor heating (UFH) is increasingly seen as the system that offers the levels of energy efficiency and comfort required. In design terms, UFH provides the added benefit that, unlike radiators, it does not have an impact on interior aesthetics and layouts. This leaves just one perplexing issue; whether to opt for a wet (hydronic) system or an electric system, Steven Rooney evaluates.

Simone Bruckner, director at power resistor manufacturer, Cressall, explains the recent popularity of electric vehicles and the challenges they have yet to overcome. Electric vehicle technology is continually developing through improvements in battery technology, regenerative braking and charging stations and this is only set to continue in order to meet the increased demand for electric vehicles.

ABB explains how a smart automation approach to software and hardware is helping Network Rail achieve its vision of electrification for the Great Western Electrification Programme (GWEP)

In today’s hyper-competitive market, companies are tasked with reducing costs, increasing revenue and saving energy to help them retain their competitive edge. Extending the life of a company’s electrical assets is an avenue many are choosing, putting effective circuit protection back in the spotlight. The motivations are clear. Damage from surges or faults endanger the health of the electrical circuit. Potential business disruption and the added cost of repairs are a real danger for today’s businesses. Gary Buckingham, product and segment marketing manager at Schneider Electric explains

ESUK is a specialist company concerned with the safe management of risk associated with all electrical work activities. With unrivalled years of experience, Electrical Safety have pioneered the European approach to Arc Flash hazard assessment and management. Paul Hopton explains.

Effective earthing is essential for the safe operation of wind farms, but accurately measuring earth resistance at these locations presents multiple challenges. Ahmed El-Rasheed from Megger, explains how Megger and SSE are working together to address these.

The ENA recommendations for G59 give the required settings for generators to connect to the Grid, witnessed on-site by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

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