As laws are being passed in more and more states in America to legalise cannabis sales, there is a growing movement to make sure that cannabis growers cease wasting so much electricity.

Mark Lant, technical sales manager at arc flash specialist, ProGARM, explains just what an arc flash is, why it is among the most dangerous risks on any work site, and how you can protect both yourself and your colleagues.

The UK government plans to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from the year 2035; that’s less than 5,500 days left to electrify the UK’s road network. Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, points out some potential potholes on the road ahead.

Pause for thought for those convinced that achieving net zero carbon means electric heating will become the norm in all British buildings within the next 15 years. Currently over 80% of UK homes depend on gas for heating and cooking.

Variable speed drives generate heat – that's a fact of life – and usually that heat is unwanted. But what’s the best way to deal with it? Alan Baird, country manager UK and Ireland at Danfoss Drives looks at the options.

Mark Rushton, UK marketing manager at Harting Ltd, explains how RFDI technology is helping the company’s European Distribution Centre set new standards in logistics.

Mark Redfern, managing director at Wieland Electric, looks at the role modular wiring plays in creating truly intelligent buildings and how it offers flexibility for the future in commercial buildings.

Right now, almost anyone can claim to be an electrician and carry out electrical work. The absence of the necessary qualifications and experience required to do so of course make this practice incredibly dangerous for both the ‘electrician’ in question and unwitting consumer. Here, SELECT discusses the importance of protecting the title for the profession of electrician.

Another fallout from Brexit. The island of Ireland as a whole is heavily reliant on energy from Great Britain. The Republic and the North have constituted one single energy market ever since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.