ERACS - Electrical power systems analysis software


ERACS is an integrated suite of programs allowing loadflow, fault, harmonics, protection co- ordination, arc flash and transient stability studies to be carried out via the graphical user interface. The network single line diagram and data is entered only once. All calculation programs are operated and results viewed via the single line diagram, in addition graphical output is used where appropriate (e.g. protection, harmonics & systems stability).


Small, medium and large-scale LV to HV systems can be modelled (10, 50, 100,150, 300, 500 & 1500 busbars version are available).

Extensively used in: built environment (including airports, harbours & railways), generation (nuclear & fossil fuels), electrical distribution & transmission, utilities (electricity, water & gas), industry (steel, aluminium, petrochemical & pharmaceutical), offshore (oil & gas), marine (commercial & military), mining & quarrying (clay, bauxite, coal, copper & gold etc),  renewable energy (hydro, wind, wave & tidal), CHP schemes, academia (teaching/projects) & industrial training.

ERACS is supplied with an easy to use graphical user interface, large library of equipment data and comprehensive customer support service.

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